What are our students saying about our classes:

"Having been fortunate enough to train in different dojos, I've always appreciated that while they have much in common, each Sensei emphasizes particular things. While covering all the basics, Sensei Laurier also teaches his students subtleties in stance and movement that result in greater force of blocks and strikes. I've enjoyed training with him for the last few years and encourage you to do the same - and, if you ever get the chance, his summer classes in Ottawa parks are hard work but great fun."

-- Hilary

"I have been a Kyokushinkai student with Sensei Laurier Goudreault since 1999. One of his strengths is he keeps in tune with updates coming out of Honbu (Headquarters) in Japan and brings these to our dojo to ensure that we have the latest thinking and tries to remain true to the principles laid down by the Kyokushinkai founder, Sosai Mas Oyama. Obviously, his knowledge of Kyokushinkai is excellent, but in addition he brings his background and learning from other areas of martial arts to enhance our experience. The mix of conditioning and techniques are well done and his attention to detail is excellent. The sessions can be physically hard, but I really enjoy his classes and I recommend them for anyone of any age. Come and enjoy the spirit of Kyokushinkai!"

-- Jas

"I started karate at 30 years old and I feel rewarded every time I go to class. Besides finally feeling in shape (not much else I've tried before worked as well), karate made me more positive about life in general. The teacher pays attention to every one of us in class (sometimes it is mind-boggling how he has eyes everywhere) and encourages every effort we put into it. He never fails to sustain the students in the process of learning. His classes can be very creative and lots of fun."

-- Sandra